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Digital Course

Learn how to plan a unique wedding without breaking the bank. I'm sharing all my tips and resources on how I planned my $3,000 wedding!

This Creative Wedding Planning Course Is The Perfect Solution For Planning A Unique Wedding Experience On A Budget. Saving You Peace Of Mind And Money.

Learn the exact steps to plan a wedding on any budget. What to do, how and when with Shonice Montgomery of Montgomery Weddings & Events.

Discover exactly how to execute your wedding day vision.

If you are struggling on where to begin in your wedding planning journey and how to create an unforgettable wedding day celebration, you are going to love this creative wedding planning workshop. I cover everything! From how to determine an initial budget and theme of your wedding, to how to make savvy purchasing decisions without sacrificing style and more.

During The Course You Will Learn...

  • How to plan a creative wedding day vision & theme

  • How to formulate a smart wedding budget

  • How to apply D.O.P.E. (my 4-step wedding planning  system)

  • How to reduce wedding expenses 

  • How to leverage relationships

  • How to covid-proof your wedding

  • How to plan a free honeymoon


And because I love a cherry

on top—let’s talk extras.

  • Lifetime access to the creative workshop course recording

  • My hand picked websites for quality and affordable wedding day essentials

  • Monthly Budget Template

Quit Stressin’  Your Self Out Trying To Make Sense Of Every Thing On Your Own

The Creative Wedding Planning Course Is For You If...

  • You feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start with your wedding planning

  • You are not afraid to take risks and express your creativity

  • You want to save money without sacrificing style

  • You who would rather spend money towards your future and not just for one day

  • You are not afraid to break traditions

  • You desire a wedding that uniquely represents your love story 

  • You need help organizing your ideas to help make your wedding vision a reality

  • You are ready to put in the work and take responsibility for your dream wedding

  • If you are still reading...this course is for you

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By The End Of This Course You Will...

  • Know how to start your marriage with $0 wedding debt.

  • Know how to create a memorable wedding experience full of wow moments

  • Know your wedding day vision & theme

  • Know how and where to shop for affordable wedding day essentials

  • Be a stress-free bride excited to see your wedding day vision become a reality


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All you will need is a device with Internet access (Phone, Computer, or Tablet). Plus a pen and paper to take notes with.

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Picture Perfect + Affordable Wedding?

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